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New Christmas Ornaments

Dear Santa Define Good Ornament

We bought a laser engraver/cutter!

With our new laser cutter we have started making Christmas ornaments. We have two categories of ornaments right now, custom, and pop culture. Our custom ornaments allow you to engrave a name and a date of your choice on the front of the ornament with a chosen image (dog paws, airplane, car, elephant, etc). Our pop culture ornaments are trendy, relevant ornaments that can match just about any person. The pop culture ornaments allow a bit of customization on the back of the ornament which gives it that personal touch.

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Helix Series – Home Decor – Multiple Colors – Art – Vase – Modern – Flowers – 3D Printed – Half & Half

Half & Half – Helix Series

Tech Intrigue is proud to announce the Half & Half, part of the Helix Series of vases. Named by its appearance, the Half & Half is a clear winner. Elegant beads run up half of the vase, while the other half maintains a crisp, smooth surface. Available in all of the usual colors!

Helix Series – Home Decor – Multiple Colors – Art – Vase – Modern – Flowers – 3D Printed – Half & Half


The Half & Half was designed to be a home for any type of flower arrangement. Daises, Lavender, Lilies, Daffodil, Irises, or Marigolds will accent this vase well. Dried sticks infused with your favorite aromas can turn this vase into a stimulation of multiple senses. Use this vase as you would any other, this one just has a bit of flare!

The vase is water tight, sealed with safe sealant to prevent leaks. This listing does not include flowers, plan accordingly.


Top opening: 1.5″

Base width: 3.1″

Widest middle section: ~4″

Height: 7.5″


These vases/planters are printed in a common PLA plastic made from corn-starch or sugar cane. It is environmentally friendly (100% biodegradable) and food safe. PLA is robust. It is tough, yet mildly flexible and can stand up to some mild abuse.

What makes our product special?
✔ Originality
✔ Care
✔ Passion
✔ Detail
✔ Experience
✔ Happiness ☺

3D Printed Half & Half Vase

What you should know…
3D printing is an additive process, that is, material is essentially “stacked” onto itself in a predetermined manner to form an object. Due to this, small inconsistencies can, and regularly do occur. What you see in the photos is indicative of the quality that you will receive.

Feel free to contact us with any questions,
♡ Ashley and James ♡

Copyright © Tech Intrigue LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Half & Half Helix Series Vase

Half & Half Helix Series Vase

Half & Half Helix Series Vase

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Unique Planters – To Bee or not to Bee

Queen Bee Artistry Unique Planters Honeycomb

Unique Planters

Tech Intrigue is constantly trying to develop new and interesting items. With that comes challenges in creating unique products that maintain some of our most coveted traits, quality and durability. Our newest product, the Queen Bee, maintains our vision of unique, durable, quality products. We take pride in all of our unique planters, take a look around and let us know what you think.


The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee artisan planter took hours of digital manipulation to create a dynamic display of seemingly endless beauty. The polygonal pattern repeats around the core of a cylinder, while a center extrusion gives it depth for an interesting view from any angle.

Checkout our listing on our site here, or on Etsy if that’s your style.

Queen Bee Artistry Yellow Unique Planter
Queen Bee Artistry Yellow



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Shop is Open

Heart of Joy Top Spinup

Shop is Open

Tech Intrigue shop is open!

We are ready to do business. We take pride in the designs we create with clean, crisp, and original perspectives. Don’t duplicate, originate! Everything that Tech Intrigue has to offer, was designed in house, is made to order, and has pride of craftsmanship embedded to the core. Our pride is our loyalty to our products and our customers. We will never let go of that. Thanks for your time!

Reach us through one of our multiple channels:

Tech Intrigue

Etsy Shop







If you can’t find us now, then you never will 🙂

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